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Computer services and repairs in preston lancashire,  pc repair and service offered to all in the lancashire area. Competiti ve repair and service prices for all makes and types of it and computer equipment.

We also offer computer virus removal

As we all use the internet more and more we are all more open to malicious attacks from viruses and malware. Karoo IT can help you lean an infected machine and help prevent it from becoming infected again. Piece of mind in a dangerous internet world.

Virus removal

Virus Removal and Prevention

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Does your computer have a cold ?

Infected computers and devices leave us open to a whole world of malicious people who try to get our data, passwords or just infect computers for fun. What this means to the average user is your data and files can become open to these people or even worse our identity and card details can be stolen. To help in this fight Karoo IT offers a virus removal and cleaning service and can give you free advice on how to better secure your computer. Some infections can become so deep routed in the computers hard drive it is not always possible to completely get rid of, in this case we can also offer a complete operating system reinstallation and then lock your computer down so it doesn’t happen again. Viruses and malware are often subtle and stuborn to remove, if you think your computer is infected gwe can help. Call or email us on 01772 977583 support@karooit.com.

Don’t let your identity be stolen, secure your computer today.

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Free advice is available. Our technicians know all the tough ways to root out this nasty infections and will advise you on how to secure your computer, we offer a free home visit and evaluation service with a no strings attached guarantee. If your computer is found to be infected we will advise on any costs or charges before commencing work and we will secure your computer so the likely hood of it becoming infected again is reduced.

Due to the nature of virus infections it isn’t always possible to completely clean a machine but we can reinstall your operating system and secure it for a small charge when we come to site. (Assuming you have all your origional windows disks etc)