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Computer & IT Services and Repairs


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Computer services and repairs in preston lancashire,  pc repair and service offered to all in the lancashire area. Competiti ve repair and service prices for all makes and types of it and computer equipment.

We also offer computer virus removal

A reliable well supported network server is essential in maintaining a healthy network environment.

Karoo IT can install and/or maintain your server offering full support packs with varying levels and cost meaning that you get whats right for you and your business. We even support home servers.

Network Servers


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A Reliable Server means a reliable network !

Servers are the brains behind your network, they do everything from handing out IP addresses, store data, serve websites and email exchange servers. Having a quality server means having a quality network, however servers need care and attention at all times to maintain peak performance.

Karoo IT can install and support servers from a wide range of manufacturers, we offer live support, email support 24/7 support packs and remote diagnistics and monitoring, we will probably know if your server has a problem and have it fixed before you even notice anything. Hardware is supported and monitored as well, depending on the support pack you choose we can have replacement hardware the same day and have you up and running in no time at all.

Make your network serve you better !

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Servers installed and maintained by Karoo IT means you have the reliability and security in knowing that your data server has been installed and configured correctly and will help to provide you and your business with a reliable network structure.

Of course we don’t just work with business servers we can help you setup and configure your own home media server, and even show you how you can store all your data in one place and stream it around your home to a multiple devices. To find out more contact our help department on support@karooit.com or call 01772 977583.