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Computer & IT Services and Repairs


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Computer services and repairs in preston lancashire,  pc repair and service offered to all in the lancashire area. Competiti ve repair and service prices for all makes and types of it and computer equipment.

We also offer computer virus removal

How easy would it be to have access to your files and data anywhere, anytime?

Karoo IT now offers the ultimate in mobile data, our own cloud storage solution. Access you information any time from any device with an internet connection, you can even use it to backup your valuable files.

Head in the clouds ?

Cloud Storage

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Saving your files in the cloud, true mobile data.

We have all heard about the cloud and how great it is…. But most people don’t use it to its full extent. Cloud computing means you can access your data anywhere anytime from any internet connected device, sharing photos, files or even backing up your computer somewhere safe. We have apps for PC, IPAD, ANDROID and smart phones/tablets. Access is available via web browser, ftp, sftp and webdav meaning any application will work with our system, you can even use software like NETDRIVE to mount your remote storage drive as a local drive on your computer, meaning you dint even need to upload and download files, they are there live 24/7.

Whats even better Karoo IT can even come and setup any device for you for free (within local area) and show you how to use it, all for a low monthly fee, 1Gb for as low as £3.00 per month.

Backup your valuable data with us on our secure servers.

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All our servers are guaranteed 99.99% uptime with fast transfer speeds meaning your data is available when you need it. Remote backups can be done automatically when your pc is on so you don’t need to remember to backup that file its already done as soon as you save it. Live 24/7 access and support.


Due to the nature of internet connections and backup no guarantee regarding data is implied or given, backups can fail and its upto the user to maintain the quality and validity of files stored on our servers. Theuse of torrents to strea illal or maciou softwre orfiles fom our servers is strictly prohibited.

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